Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Plaid shirt days and nights

Shirt Primark / Vest top Primark / Bodycon skirt New Look / Plimsolls George @ Asda
Well hello bitch face, believe it or not I was trying to smile here but my face has a talent of looking miserable 87% of the time! I just threw this outfit on the other day when the sun was shining and I wanted something simple. I do have a soft spot for a red checkered shirt, such an indie cliché but a wardrobe staple none the less. I picked this oversized shirt up from Primark ages ago but it has survived every wardrobe sort out because it's just so versatile. I liked the laid back look with it tied around my waist and it was flattering too. 

As this post goes live I will be going into the final hurdle of my degree as I have my viva for my dissertation. After that it will all be over and in three weeks I should know my degree classification. I am starting to feel the nerves and I just wish results day would hurry up as I hate waiting for my marks. After tomorrow though I will have done all that I can and what will be will be, which whilst scary will mean the pressure can finally be lifted. So I am going to stop procrastinating and go and do my final prep. Good luck to anyone else waiting for their results this summer!

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