Saturday, 13 September 2014

A change in the air

1 Topshop / 2 Topshop / 3 Urban Outfitters / 4 Topshop / 5 Urban Outfitters
6 Topshop / 7 New Look / 8 Sheinside

September is here and with it I can feel autumn creeping in and to be honest I'm so happy! I much prefer the colder months and all the fashions and festivities that come with it. I've been day dreaming about snuggling up in big cosy jumpers and wrapping up in pretty scarves for weeks. I also cannot wait to dress up for Halloween or go and watch fireworks on Bonfire night. As for Christmas .. I've already watched my first Christmas film of the year and I feel no shame. I love everything about the Christmas season and I'm already planning people's presents. So I'm sorry to my summer loving friends that glare at me whenever I excitedly plan my autumn wardrobe, but bring on autumn and winter!

Even though I'm experiencing living in the grown up world and paying all the bills and taxes and so have no money to spare, I still can't stop browsing online shops and daydreaming about A/W clothing. I put together a few of my favourite finds and I am especially lusting over the Topshop green cardigan and Sheinside camel coat. As for the Hogwarts jumper, it would be all out guilty nerdy pleasure and it would be amazing! Everything is linked in caption if you're tempted!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Leeds festival: The music

My favourite part of Leeds fest has to have been the opportunity to see some of my favourite musicians live and even now thinking about the Arctic Monkeys set I get goosebumps. Since moving to Sheffield and especially since working in a gig venue whilst at university, I've discovered so many artists, old and new, big and small, that have made me fall in love with music again. Being able to see some of those as well as discover a couple of new favourites was amazing. 

Awesome camera phone quality ..not!
I thought I'd share my five favourite performances that I saw at Leeds, so here they are ..

Arctic Monkeys - They just had to be number one, I've been obsessed ever since I saw their Glastonbury set last year and being able to see them live (well see the occasional speck and mostly just the screens) was just amazing. Whenever Arabella plays on my Spotify I get goosebumps remembering being there.

Imagine Dragons - I started listening to their album Night Visions last summer and totally fell in love with their music. They performed my favourite track on the album, 'Hear Me' which I've  played a lot in the last year and to be able to hear it live just meant so much.

King Charles - I've seen King Charles a couple of times before when's he's played at work but I was super excited to be watching him purely as a spectator. I think he's a great live performer and I loved his set, it was so much fun.

Don Broco - I'd heard a couple of their songs before without realising it and I hadn't planned on seeing their set but I did and I'm so glad. I loved their sound and they were great live. I downloaded their album as soon as I got home yesterday and I've listened to the whole thing three times already. I've definitely found a new favourite.

Paramore - They have to be on here purely because seeing them fulfilled my 15 year old self's dreams. Also Hayley Williams is an absolute babe.

There were plenty more that I loved and some I was slightly gutted to have missed (You Me At Six and Die Antwoord especially) but I'll not bore you with anymore of my rambles. Have any of you been to festivals this year? Who have you loved seeing?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Leeds Festival 2014

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Leeds festival after winning a ticket from work and I'm still in shock that it all happened to be honest. I've wanted to go to festival for years but it's never happened and when I heard that Arctic Monkeys were headliners this year I wanted to cry when I couldn't get anyone to go with me. So when I was given a ticket and got to go with one of my best friends it all felt a bit surreal. 

I didn't get many pictures as I only took my iPhone and the battery just couldn't hack it, but I thought I would share a couple of the pictures that I did get.

Sunday morning sunrise, because apparently it's impossible to sleep in a tent after the sun has come up even when you've only had 3 hours sleep *cries* .. but it was a pretty view to wake up to
Festival selfie (I couldn't resist)
You can't see them but this was at the Imagine Dragons set which was all kinds of amazing
So we tried a kangaroo burger and a venison burger and I'm still not sure how I morally feel about that, but to be honest they both just tasted like beef
The Arctic Monkeys set where my dreams came true and I fangirled with no shame. 
*Cliché wristband pic* 
My ootd for the sunday (this dress is now christened The Arctic Monkeys Dress) including a gorgeous Motel Rocks dress (here) and some very muddy wellies
I'm really happy that I got to have a go at the festival experience and I learnt that I am actually pretty good at setting up a tent and making campfires, so in your face to everyone that laughed at the idea of me roughing it! I was worried that I'd be a bit of a princess but I honestly enjoyed it all (except the toilets, the toilets are not exaggerated) and I would be so up for going to a festival again. The whole atmosphere was amazing, seeing all the different kinds of people and all the different styles and of course the music (but more on the music later, that needs it's own post).

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Aztec trousers

Top Topshop
Trousers Primark

I found these trousers in Primark earlier today and promptly fell in love. I've been wearing them ever since I got home. The pattern is pretty but not girly and I have a slight obsession with the colour maroon so I couldn't not be attracted to the print on these. The material isn't as loose and floaty as some pants I've seen in this style, but I personally prefer that as a skinny jean devotee loose trousers feel too strange to me. I really like that these have a little bit of elastic at the back of the ankle to pull them in and stop the hems dragging along the floor (#shortgirlproblems).

Also apologies for the camera phone pic and messy room background, I just got back from Leeds festival yesterday and my room and is still in chaos. Also much shame is being felt for the grubby mirror!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Here me roar.

Vest top Primark
Shorts eBay
Shoes eBay (similar here)

These shorts are my favourite eBay find in a long time. I'm sorry I don't have a label they're from, I found them in the 'vintage' section of eBay. It's can be a bit hit and miss but if you have the patience it's always worth a good look through eBay. They're super cute and flattering and the design is so fun. I also got the shoes from eBay, a few months ago now but they were a bargain. I love the extra height they give me without making my feet ache and they look so bad ass. 

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Oh summer, where've you been?

Dress Topshop
Shoes  Primark
Scrunchie Primark

I have so much love for this dress, it's so easy to just throw on and whilst smock dresses aren't the most flattering in the land it doesn't make me look massive either. Despite the rain drumming against my windows as I type this, I still felt summery today and I couldn't resist putting this dress on. I picked up these cute ballet shoes, which look very 1996 school shoe, from Primark and I think they're adorable. I do need insoles for them though because I have really shallow feet and these rub my heels at the moment. I've been getting bored of my hair whilst I'm waiting for my fringe to grow out (curse of the fringe!) and I haven't been brave enough to go for the half up top knot, but I tried it today and I actually really like it. I am also a sucker for the scrunchie trend, a true 90s child at heart, what can I say.

I'm currently selling some clothes over on eBay, click here to check it out.
I'm also selling some iPhone 4/4s covers over on Depop, my username is 'zoenicolexx' if you're interested.

Title: lyrics from 'Summer' by Frank Hamilton

Friday, 1 August 2014

Those doors won't open while you stand and watch them

Dress Topshop
Boots Primark
Frilly socks Topshop

First off I apologise for the terrible quality of the photo, I've been home for the past couple of days and all I had was my iPhone camera. Oh and I'm also sorry about my messy bedroom background, my mother would be ashamed of that unmade bed! Now for the outfit, I wore this dress out the other night for a film night that a couple of my friends from work had organised. They were showing a few different independent short films and it was a really cool and interesting night. As for the dress, this Topshop beauty is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe at the moment, it's easy to wear, to dress up or down and it's a lovely statement piece. I love these cute little faux-suede ankle boots too, they're just from Primark but they're lasting well and I know I'll be gutted when they do start to fall apart.

I've been pretty awful with blogging over the last month and if I'm honest I've just had no motivation. Since moving into the flat and receiving all my official results and certificates from university it's sunk in that it's all over. I am excited for the next chapter of my life but it's still been a bit overwhelming and I have been a wimp this last month and hidden from it all. Now it's a new month and I'm ready to start pushing myself and to get myself sorted and that includes getting back into regular posting on here too. So here's to August and the rest of the summer, let's make it something special.

Title: lyrics from "Cha-Ching (TIll We Grow Older" by Imagine Dragons