Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Aztec trousers

Top Topshop
Trousers Primark

I found these trousers in Primark earlier today and promptly fell in love. I've been wearing them ever since I got home. The pattern is pretty but not girly and I have a slight obsession with the colour maroon so I couldn't not be attracted to the print on these. The material isn't as loose and floaty as some pants I've seen in this style, but I personally prefer that as a skinny jean devotee loose trousers feel too strange to me. I really like that these have a little bit of elastic at the back of the ankle to pull them in and stop the hems dragging along the floor (#shortgirlproblems).

Also apologies for the camera phone pic and messy room background, I just got back from Leeds festival yesterday and my room and is still in chaos. Also much shame is being felt for the grubby mirror!

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