Friday, 29 August 2014

Leeds festival: The music

My favourite part of Leeds fest has to have been the opportunity to see some of my favourite musicians live and even now thinking about the Arctic Monkeys set I get goosebumps. Since moving to Sheffield and especially since working in a gig venue whilst at university, I've discovered so many artists, old and new, big and small, that have made me fall in love with music again. Being able to see some of those as well as discover a couple of new favourites was amazing. 

Awesome camera phone quality ..not!
I thought I'd share my five favourite performances that I saw at Leeds, so here they are ..

Arctic Monkeys - They just had to be number one, I've been obsessed ever since I saw their Glastonbury set last year and being able to see them live (well see the occasional speck and mostly just the screens) was just amazing. Whenever Arabella plays on my Spotify I get goosebumps remembering being there.

Imagine Dragons - I started listening to their album Night Visions last summer and totally fell in love with their music. They performed my favourite track on the album, 'Hear Me' which I've  played a lot in the last year and to be able to hear it live just meant so much.

King Charles - I've seen King Charles a couple of times before when's he's played at work but I was super excited to be watching him purely as a spectator. I think he's a great live performer and I loved his set, it was so much fun.

Don Broco - I'd heard a couple of their songs before without realising it and I hadn't planned on seeing their set but I did and I'm so glad. I loved their sound and they were great live. I downloaded their album as soon as I got home yesterday and I've listened to the whole thing three times already. I've definitely found a new favourite.

Paramore - They have to be on here purely because seeing them fulfilled my 15 year old self's dreams. Also Hayley Williams is an absolute babe.

There were plenty more that I loved and some I was slightly gutted to have missed (You Me At Six and Die Antwoord especially) but I'll not bore you with anymore of my rambles. Have any of you been to festivals this year? Who have you loved seeing?

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